How-To: Welcome Bags!

As your wedding day nears and all of the planning you've been doing for the last year (or two!) is coming to an end, you prepare for guests to fly in from all over the world to celebrate YOU! All of your room blocks are filled up and Airbnbs are booked for your weekend, and it's time to welcome your family and friends to the Valley of the Sun!

A sweet way to welcome your guests and say "thank you!" for traveling to be a part of your big day is to have welcome bags delivered to their hotel! There are so many fun items that can be put into a welcome bag to give your guests a taste of Arizona and get ready for the party to come!

Here are some tips and tricks for creating a memorable, fun, and delicious Arizona-inspired welcome bag!

Step 1: Go the extra mile and customize the bag itself!

We love a good gift bag and colorful tissue paper (who doesn't?). But a popular option lately is a more personalized tote! You can add names, initials, or a catchy phrase on the front. A reusable tote that your guests can use on your wedding weekend, then again at the grocery store, the beach, and more is an amazing touch! Or, make it extra unique and use a crafted gift box, instead!

Step 2: Write a note + add an itinerary for the weekend!

It's important for your guests to be "in the loop" regarding wedding weekend activities—so adding in a sweet thank you note and schedule of events helps keep everyone connected. No one misses a beat! Your welcome party, rehearsal dinner, wedding, and brunch details can be listed out in a fun or funky way to show off your personality!

Step 3: Fill it with our must-haves, and top it off with a personal touch from you and your partner!

Here are some of our go-to items to include:

Our "Arizona Party Kit"

The above can be found on Amazon.

  • Drink Koozies

We love to custom order these from Etsy and other small businesses!

  • Chips & salsa

  • Cactus candy

  • Trail mix

Arizona Gifts has delicious snacks and treats that you can order in bulk!

  • Arizona-themed cookies

There are so many local bakeries we love that make personalized cookies! Ruze Cake House and A Bakeshop are great for this!

Our "Hangover Cure Kit" (For after the wedding!)

  • Advil

  • Electrolytes

  • Tums

  • Emergen - C

  • Band-Aids

  • Chewing gum

  • A salty snack

  • Self-care items (Face masks, lotion, etc!)

You can get any of these items from local shops, Amazon, Target, Sephora, the list is endless!

If you need inspiration for personal additions, look no further!

  • Do you have an inside joke? Add that in there! Our amazing bride, Jenny loved this fun coin purse labeled "TACO MONEY" to give all her guests a laugh!

  • Are you having a themed welcome party? Allude to that with something fun—a Western party calls for a personalized bandana! This one that our chic grooms Philip and Jason designed with TPD Design House is INCREDIBLE!

  • Do you and your partner have a favorite food or thing to do? Add it in! Kylie and Doug love tequila and they wanted to share it with their guests and friends!

Step 4: Delivery!

Once you've stuffed dozens of bags, it's time to deliver! This is the moment when all the hard work you've put into the bags pays off. You can drop them off at the hotels for room delivery when they check in, or display them at your welcome party for guests to grab. Don't forget to make a few extra for yourself!

Pro tip: Resorts often charge a fee for bags to be delivered to guests rooms. Check with your resort contact regarding bag fees and other restrictions/information before you begin this process!

Photo Credit: Daniel Kim Photography

Elyse Hall Photography

Karlie Colleen Photography

Belathée Photography

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